Teenage horse-riding
During the weeks of 19-26 July and 16-23 August 2014, we offer, to experienced riders, from the age of 13 years old "Teenage Riding trails".


The children  are welcomed to our centre on Saturday afternoon until the following Saturday morning.
On Sunday, after their arrival, we allocate the horses and check ability by riding and trailing around our farm. Each rider will have to take care of their own horse during their stay.
Monday morning, they start their 5 day trip, real horse-riding trails under the supervision of qualified guides and youth leaders.

Each day, their picnics, meals, luggage and tents will be transported by our supply vehicle and as they will never be more than 50km from our centre, this allows us to be able to provide good home-cooked food.

They return Friday evening to the riding centre at which time they will be able to enjoy an evening around the camp-fire.P8141858.JPG

Tents and roll mats are provided but don't forget to bring sleeping bags, horse-riding equipment including riding hats and waterproofs.

Rate: 573€

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